"I'm now a biology teacher, but over the past four years, have built up an Interact Club (service fraternity, high school version of Rotary) to over 200 high school student members and a student executive board of 15. We are extremely active, with over 100 events over the school year and over 4,200 volunteer hours. Our high activity level has resulted in a need to help supervise the club service events and I have been able to pull five like-minded teachers in as assistants. Running this massive club with 15 student leaders and five adults under my direction would not have been possible without learning the basics of leadership and volunteerism. My experiences in the GOLD Program directly relate to my successes with the Interact Club (and with teaching). I immediately wanted to give the same sort of basic skills to my Interact students, but unfortunately, there is no GOLD Program for high school students! (A great idea!!) The only program they've been able to participate in yearly is the True Colors® seminar on personality types and how to interact with those of differing personalities from yours. Every time I attend, I'm reminded of those GOLD seminars! If I could go back right now and attend more, I would!"

– JULIA KOGUT, Class of 2005


"I have used reflection in every aspect of my career and I know that it all started at Geneseo with your program."

– JARED CHESTER, J.D. Candidate, May 2013 Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington


"I participated in the GOLD Program throughout my four years at Geneseo. During that time, I developed invaluable leadership skills, while enjoying myself and making new friends. When I interviewed to get into medical school, I was asked about my role in the GOLD Program. Four years later, during my residency interviews, program directors were particularly interested in my time spent in the GOLD Program. It was clear that both programs valued leadership skills highly among their applicants. Now that I'm in residency, the leadership skills that I learned through GOLD help me every day in the hospital. I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be the confident leader I am today without the help of the teachers, mentors, and lecturers of Geneseo's GOLD program. Thank you!"



"I would encourage anyone in the GOLD program to take it very seriously, and to realize in a much broader sense that how we all relate to one another is extremely vital. The tools, techniques, mindsets, and attitudes that can be developed through this program—if you choose to pursue them and investigate them, and sincerely write in your journals—will certainly be a worthwhile investment for you down the road."



"The GOLD program has aided me in growing into the person and leader I am today. I started utilizing these great workshops as a student-athlete and a future educator. Participating in the Bronze and Silver certificates has molded my personal morals and beliefs of leadership and the kind of leader I wanted to be. This really helped me during my time as an athlete and now, as a coach. I am able to demonstrate good leadership and offer advice to the athletes on topics I learned about in the GOLD program, including time management, teamwork, and listening skills."

– ALYSSA POLOSKY, All-American women's basketball player (2009–2011), assistant coach (2011–present)


"The diversity of topics covered by each of the available certificates broadened my understanding of leadership beyond a surface level and more fully prepared me for graduate study and employment."

– REBECCA COONS, Class of 2010


"The lessons I learned from the GOLD Program constantly prove worthwhile to me in my professional life. I believe that I am one of the best in my professional organization at running meetings due to the training I received with GOLD."

– JESSICA BOWEN (Powell), Class of 2007