TESTIMONIALS: From Higher Education Colleagues

"Designed to help educators in a variety of arenas, this book provides a unique model for creating and improving leadership development programs. Building Leaders One Hour at a Time emphasizes collaborative leadership and includes a wide array of practical leadership workshop modules, from building job interview skills to writing for success. These modules, each laid out with specific learning outcomes, workshop activities, and scholarly resources, make this book a valuable resource to those interested in creating or expanding their own leadership program."

–PETER G. NORTHOUSE, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, Western Michigan University


"Kudos to Dr. Tom Matthews and the SUNY Geneseo GOLD leadership program for their sustained excellence and demonstrated impact. Our Multi-institutional Study of Leadership affirms a leadership culture at Geneseo with demonstrated outcomes. Building Leaders One Hour at a Time tells this story and presents practical resources to build or enrich any leadership program."

–SUSAN R. KOMIVES, Ed.D., Professor Emerita, University of Maryland


"This great resource incorporates cutting-edge ideas on leadership and a variety of methods to help students develop their leadership capacity. The vast amount of program design and curriculum included make this a wonderful tool for any leadership educator."

–COREY SEEMILLER, Ph.D., Director of Leadership Programs, University of Arizona


"At the core of leadership education is the curriculum that guides student learning! Building Leaders One Hour at a Time is a leadership educator's dream. [the book contains] over 150 topics positioned to provide educators with a breadth of learning opportunities for students to advance their knowledge, competence, and capacity as it relates to their inner leadership self."

–CRAIG SLACK, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Adele H. Stamp Student Union–Center for Campus Life, Leadership & Community Service-Learning; Director, National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs, University of Maryland


"The story and support materials in Building Leaders One Hour at a Time has inspired me and become my touchstone! I can't imagine a better resource, especially for those of us looking for new and innovative ways to equip our college students with the courage and skills to affect positive change."

–ARTHUR SCHWARTZ, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Executive Director of the Oskin Leadership Institute, Widener University


"Building Leaders One Hour at a Time is an excellent resource for leadership educators. The book is essentially divided into two parts: 1) The overall structure of the GOLD Program at SUNY Geneseo, and 2) Outlines for each leadership development session included within the Program. I believe anyone with administrative responsibilities for college leadership programs will find the first part of the book helpful, as Dr. Matthews describes the network of relationships and logistical support necessary to build a comprehensive program within today's university environment. The second part of the book describes over a hundred leadership workshops in diverse topics ranging from presentation skills and resume building to servant leadership and volunteerism - and everything in between! While the outlines can be used to re-create the entire program wholesale, they also provide enough information to take pieces from so educators can create their own unique workshops. I believe educators and administrators at all levels will find this book helpful to them in their work."

–DR. DAVID ROSCH, Assistant Professor in Agricultural Leadership Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign